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In Brazil, fragrance is taken very seriously. The main goal: To be cheirosa (pronounced sheh-ro-zah), or always smelling delicious. This concept, plus Brazil’s paradise-on-Earth vibe, inspired Sol de Janeiro founder Heela Yang to create a line of irresistible perfume sprays that are transportive (they literally conjure up the aesthetic of a tropical vacation), sensual, and grounded in nature.

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Chances are you’ve seen Sol de Janeiro’s viral perfume sprays on social media, and we’re here to confirm that they’re just as incredible as everyone says they are. There are a few different scents on offer, so to help you pick your signature summer scent, we’re breaking down everything there is to know about each—from fragrance notes to similarities and key differences.

Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa ‘62


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Fans of the brands iconic Bum Bum Cream will adore this classic scent; the warm yet spicy scent is familiar and nostalgic, thanks to notes of salted caramel, pistachio, and vanilla. It’s addictive, delightfully cozy, and makes us firmly believe that if sunshine had a scent, it would smell a lot like this. This fragrance plays well with others, so we highly recommend layering it with your favorite perfumes to create something uniquely yours.

Notes:Salted caramel, pistachio, vanilla

Size Options: 3 oz., 8 oz. 

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Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa ‘68


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Perhaps lighter than the rest of the fragrances, Cheirosa ‘68 is a favorite among fruity and floral lovers. Notes of jasmine, pink dragonfruit, and vanilla work in tandem to deliver this fresh, bright, and playful scent that transports us to a sun-drenched oasis filled with vibrant flora and sweet ocean air. After one whiff of this one, you’ll want to douse your body in it repeatedly.

Notes: Brazilian jasmine, pink dragonfruit, vanilla

Size Options: 3 oz., 8 oz. 

Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa ‘40 

Sol de Janeiro

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If you like warm vanilla scents, you’ll love Cheirosa ‘40. With notes of black amber plum, vanilla woods, and jasmine blooms, it’s delicate yet sensual at the same time. It’s warm and spicy, but we also pick up notes of juicy cherry, which really rounds it out and makes it more appealing to a wider range of people. Whether you spritz it on alone or mix it with other fragrances, you can expect people to continuously ask you what you’re wearing—trust us.

Notes: Black amber, plum, vanilla woods

Size Options:3 oz., 8 oz. 

Sol de Janeiro Rio Radiance


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This solar floral perfume mist mingles gorgeously with creamy vanilla, coconut milk (or leite de coco), and clean, white florals that evoke the feeling of summertime nostalgia. Just one spritz takes you back to childhood memories and vacations of summers past. It’s the newest scent in the lineup (although it was teased in last year’s Summer Mood fragrance sampler kit) and is sure to capture your heart in the same way it has ours.

Notes: Solar tuberose, coconut milk, creamy vanilla

Size Options: 3 oz., 8 oz. 

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What to Consider in Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa Perfume Mists


Each fragrance spray from Sol de Janeiro is intended to be used on the body, hair, clothes, and even throughout your home. The formula of each one is cruelty-free and doesn’t contain phthalates, aka plasticizers that are often found in products to help make the scent last longer.


If we could change anything about the perfume mists, it would be to make them last longer. They are powerful at first, which we appreciate, but they slowly dry down and lose their potency as the day goes on. Think of these like a body mist—quick hits of scent—rather than a product that lingers throughout the day and night. To ensure you continue to smell like the fragrance, you’ll want to reapply or layer ‘em with other perfumes.


Both the cap and the bottle are recyclable—just be sure to separate them before tossing them. The smaller sized bottle is better for tossing in your bag for on-the-go spritzes, whereas the larger is best if you’re applying daily (or several times per day). The packaging is also a bit bulky with a lot of plastic, we wish the bottles looked a little sleeker. However, the translucent colored bottle is a nice touch and does look pretty on our vanities.

Bottom Line

These all fall within the warm floral family and last about the same amount of time on the body. You can’t go wrong with any of them, but we recommend checking out the notes of each one in order to choose the one best for you. If you like warmer, spicier scents, you’ll love the Cheirosa ‘62 fragrance, while those partial to fruity florals will prefer Cheirosa ‘68. If you can’t decide, go with Cheirosa ‘40, since it strikes the perfect balance between spicy and fruity. And finally, if you want every day to smell like you’re on summer vacation, the coconutty R io Radiance fragrance is for you.

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