Lizzos Makeup Artist Gave Us the Best Tip for Cloud Skin That Stays Put on Stage

Best Tip for Cloud Skin That Stays Put on Stage @iwantalexx


Ever since Euphoria went off the air, Ive been missing that weekly hit of colorful, bright beauty inspo. That is until Lizzo set off on her "The 2pecial World Tour," where weve been regularly treated to close-up photos of her ever-changing beauty looks. These looks—which run the gamut yet somehow feel totally cohesive—are the handiwork of her long-time makeup artist, Alexx Mayo, who partnered with Clinique for the tour.

Flipping through Mayos Instagram—where he graciously catalogs each show—provides all the makeup ideas you could possibly need, from hot purple wings to gunmetal gems. "I feel like I am very fortunate as a makeup artist to have a client that just really trusts me with her look and really allows me to experiment and play," Mayo tells "I always say that we love to play with every crayon in the crayon box. Its really great that she allows me to be an artist and to be creative."

As Lizzos tour embarks on its European leg, we caught up with Mayo to chat about his inspiration, tips and tricks, and his must-have products.

Best Tip for Cloud Skin That Stays Put on Stage @iwantalexx


The Tour Inspiration

"Its interesting because I actually didnt consciously think about telling a [continuous] story with the makeup. But I did notice that this leg around, I felt like we had this sort of futuristic, intergalactic feel. That wasnt something that really was talked about; it was just the direction that came to me. When I work, I like to let the colors and makeup speak for itself.

On Staying Inspired

"I think being able to take time for yourself [and] exploring... one of my favorite things to do in each city is going to a garden or a local park to envelop myself in nature. I get a lot of inspiration from looking at interesting color combinations that naturally exist in the world, whether it be flowers or art in museums.

"Really taking time for yourself, and looking after your own body and your own mind, having that mental clarity — that allows you to think quickly on your toes. I never thought I would ever visit half of the places that Ive been to, so Im taking full advantage of that."

Best Tip for Cloud Skin That Stays Put on Stage: On Staying Inspired


The Base For Each Look

"I was actually inside of a Boots store in London, and I started playing with the Clinique Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation ($44). I was so fascinated by the texture of it, the coverage, and also knowing that its skincare as well as makeup. That has truly been a staple for every look that Ive done. The way that it performs, how it lasts on stage, and how it still feels very lightweight. And [it also helps improve the skin], which is incredible for a foundation. You dont really see a high-end performance foundation [that can] hold up for the stage and actually offer skin benefits. So thats definitely my cannot-live-without.

"The Even Better All Over Concealers ($29), I love those—I use those to highlight and contour the face, whether it be for brightening or correcting. As long as your base really has that flawless finish to it. I think that you can rock anything. So those are my definite must-haves."

Best Tip for Cloud Skin That Stays Put on Stage: The Even Better All Over Concealers

Courtesy of Clinique

How He Gets a Soft-Matte (But Not Flat) Foundation Look

"It really comes down to the texture of the foundation. I keep saying this about the [Clinique] foundation because I love it so much. Its really a dream to work with—a little bit goes a very long way. I think thats something that you really want to look for [when doing a soft matte finish] on the skin. And also using more of a fluffy brush! Sometimes Ill use a blush brush or something that has a little bit more of a fluffiness to it and really airbrush the foundation into the skin. I think that that really makes a big difference. And building as you go, I like to start in more of a sheer layer and add on top if I need more."

How He Makes Bright Eyeshadow Pop on Stage

"I think that the most important thing is having a good base for your eyeshadows. So again, I love using the All Over Concealer as a multi-use product and applying that all over as the base. That way, you neutralize any sort of skin tone or discoloration on your lid, and youre getting that true color—no matter what you use. Also, I love using the Quickliner pencils from Clinique as a base. So using something creamy allows any sort of shimmer colors to really pop and stand out. So whether Im using a brown for something more natural or using black, I think thats also very helpful in creating those bold stage looks. When youre under a spotlight, things can kind of vanish. So having something like the quick liner as a background really helps make them stand out."

Best Tip for Cloud Skin That Stays Put on Stage: using the Quickliner pencils from Clinique as a base


On Glitter

"I think that a lot of people can get intimidated by glitter. And I think that its such a fun look. Everybody loves something sparkly. When you see it around your eyes, its just something that anybody can wear at any age. Start off small, and then maybe add as you go. Its always easier to add more than to take away. But have fun with it!"

On Makeup Experimentation

"A lot of the comments I receive [are], I love this look, but I could never pull that off, or I dont think that would work on me. And the truth is, anybody can wear anything. If youre attracted to a color... just like we choose our wardrobe, every day we choose what we wear, and we dont necessarily wear the same color every day. I think that its really the idea of expressing yourself.

"And I think that no matter what your eye shape is, or what your makeup skill level is, I think there are always ways to incorporate color and to incorporate texture. I think again, start off small. I always say even just by switching your eyeliner color.

"At the end of the day, its just makeup. Its going to wash off. So, its nothing permanent. I always encourage people to play: Just go in your bathroom, play around, and see what happens. And you might surprise yourself. Nine times out of 10, youll realize, Oh, hey, this actually looks good. Open up your mind to the idea of color—we use neutral palettes every single day. But theres so many beautiful colors and textures out there that you would be doing yourself an injustice if you didnt play."

Best Tip for Cloud Skin That Stays Put on Stage: sort of bright cinnamon-colored hair.

Courtesy of Clinique

His Favorite Tour Look (So Far)

"Something that stands out in my head right now is the Phoenix concert, where she had this sort of bright cinnamon-colored hair. I think that its interesting because, you know, it was more of a neutral look, but I think it was the overall look with the hair, that color combination. I know that we used the All About Shadow palette ($36) in Teddy Bear.

Using something neutral but playing with the shape really allowed her eyes to look really big, bold, and expressive. Paired with the lip, which is more of that burgundy tone, it felt very timeless, but it also felt very new at the same time. I had a lot of fun with that. And I think that show, specifically seeing her do the Tina [Turner] tribute, was so incredible and so impactful. I have a special memory for that look, definitely."

The Trends Hes Loving

"I think that trends are something that I acknowledge but dont necessarily follow. But something that Ive been seeing—and maybe we might have something to do with—Ive noticed a little bit more of that sort of 90s matte skin coming back. I think that people are looking for a little bit more polish and something that also lasts a little bit longer. So seeing that matte skin trend and, I think that thats something were gonna definitely see more of, which Im excited for.

"And just seeing more color, Im just excited to see people playing a little bit more, but I think that were gonna get to a point where were going to have more of that in our makeup wardrobe for everyone. So hopefully, that continues to grow."

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