From Holographic Glitter Eyes to Major Liner, All the Winter Makeup Trends to Try in 2023


The weather outside may be frightful, but at least staying inside and playing with makeup is delightful. After all, longer nights mean more time to sport after dark beauty looks. Luckily, there are plenty to play with this winter. Graphic liner looks are still going strong, as well as bleached brows, or if you’re looking to experiment, try your hand at holographic glitter eyes.

“Winter for me personally tends to be a cold and dull time so I like to bring some color into my makeup looks,” says celebrity makeup artist Alexandra French, who recently won an Emmy for her work on Euphoria season two. “I also think we will be seeing more pastels this winter [paired] with a traditional dark red matte lip.”

Ahead, check out the best winter 2023 makeup trends, according to celebrity makeup artists.

Glazed Lips


“Glazed lips are all over red carpets and runways and it adds the perfect sparkle for winter,” says Chanel Makeup Artist Tyron Macchausen. “Bold colored glossy lips for a dramatic look or natural/ clear glossy lips add just the right amount of dimension. I love to pair a bold glossy lip with a clean, transparent complexion while a dramatic eye look is complimented perfectly with a neutral glossy shade. Since glosses are sheer, colors work for pretty much all complexions since they let the natural lip color shine through. I would only stay away from light beigey tints for darker complexions which can look a little chalky. When putting gloss over a bold colored lipstick to give it a lacquered effect, I always start in the center of the lips and fan the gloss toward the outer lip line to avoid the gloss running.” His favorite is Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss ($32) since it has a gorgeous subtle sparkle, whether worn solo or layered over lipstick.

Monochromatic Graphic Liner


“We’ve seen the simple black eyeliner and nude lip for the summer, and with every trend there tends to be the complete opposite after,” French says. “I dont think the eyeliner trend is going anywhere anytime soon but I love seeing people play with color more as the seasons change! This is a universal look. Wearing a monochromatic look is all about confidence and having fun. My favorite tip for a monochromatic look is to match your mascara to the eyeliner. One of my favorite products that works as both is the e.l.f. No Budge Cream Eyeshadow ($5). It is so pigmented and works great as a mascara when you take a disposable wand and coat the bristles in pigment!” Start with the eyeliner and sketch out your preferred shape with an outline—French prefers eyeliner to look more straight than curved. Use micellar water and a tiny pointy Q-tip to clean it up and sharpen the lines. After the liner is done, use some silver shimmer or fine glitter to spice up the look and finish by applying a complexion booster, like e.l.f. Halo Glow Liquid Filter ($14) on the high ends of your cheekbones to accentuate the look even further. Use the same eye product as mascara for that final extra pop.

Glossy Skin


“Winter typically brings on drier texture so its the best season to show your skin some extra love,” says Jason Hoffman, VP of Beauty at Amyris. “Try adding an oil to your skincare routine. My favorite hydration booster is our proprietary squalane made through the bio fermentation of sustainable sugarcane. The EcoFabulous rainbow oil collection ($45) contains over 90% squalane combined with other skin-loving ingredients to address a variety of skin concerns. For the ultimate glow, add a few drops of the EcoFabulous Brightening Face Oil ($18) to the skin before or mixed into the Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer ($19). It gives a boost of radiance that lasts all day.”

Tonal Neutral Eyes


For this look, it’s important to find the tones that work best for you. “I personally love more cool tone browns, while on a warmer darker skin tone that would immediately go gray,” French says. “For darker skin tone I love to use warmer browns.” Start by evening out eyelids with a concealer to create a clean base; keep rest of the skin bare. Pair it with a similar neutral tone lipstick or lip gloss to make it a cohesive look. French’s favorite neutral eyeshadows are ViseArt Neutral Eyeshadow Palette in Warm Mattes ($80) and Makeup By Mario Ethereal Eyes Eyeshadow Palette ($68).

Statement Liner

Simihaze Beauty

“Graphic eyes have been a huge trend for a while and will still be strong for winter as it’s coat season,” Hoffman says. “I love to create flicks and multiples wings are very popular right now. If liquid liner is not your strong suit, try creating a shape with a deep cream shadow like the Rose Inc Stain & Shimmer Duet Powder & Cream Eyeshadow in Satin Olive/Khaki Shimmer ($30). It’s a deep green that creates muted definition for a graphic eye.”

Holographic Glitter Eyes


“This is a great little makeup hack to give yourself a pop of color on the eyes and it’s super quick,” French says. “I like to add more color to my looks during winter. I also love the idea of fun shimmery pastel eyes with a dark red lip for winter! It is soft yet bold look.” First, even out skin tone on the eyes with concealer. French’s go-to is the e.l.f. 16 hour Camo Concealer ($7) because it doesnt crease around the eye area. Then take your favorite shimmery/ glittery/ chrome eyeshadow and have fun. French’s current faves are e.l.f. Liquid Glitter Eyeshadows ($35) and INGLOT Cosmetics pigments ($23). Clean up any fall out and apply the rest of your makeup. “I love to add some of the same product to my lips and as a highlight once the look is complete,” French adds.

Bold Lips


“A bold lip will never not be in style for winter,” Hoffman says. “A classic red lip is my go-to for a statement pout but sometimes a neutral lip can be bold. If you want to experiment with a bold neutral, Rose Inc Satin Rich Lip Color in Poised ($28) is a deeper berry that’s just as exciting as a pop of red.”

Extreme Cat Eye


“A trend that definitely stays for winter is the extreme cat eye, an elongated and bolder version of the classic look,” Macchausen says. “It puts the eyes center stage and gives that sexy feline vibe. To make it a little easier, use a fine angle brush and draw the shape out with a dark eyeshadow or whatever color you prefer first. It is easier to clean up and less intimidating then using a liquid liner. Once you are happy with the shape you can go in with a liquid liner and finish the look.” Another way is drawing the shape with a pencil and then using a small Q-tip dipped in makeup remover (not too wet to avoid running) to make those edges razor sharp. Macchausen’s favorite pencil for this kind of eye is the Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eye Liner ($34), or we like Charlotte Tilburys The Feline Flick ($32).

Experimental Blush

Addison Rae

“Blush is another winter trend I am obsessed [with]” Macchausen says. “It is definitely more visible for this season and worn in all different kind of ways, either as contour, angled up all the way to the temple for a snatched look, or more dreamy in a C-shape from the temples to the high point of the cheekbone. Or even the ‘sun-burned’ look where blush is being applied to the apples of the cheek and also swiped across the bridge of the nose—perfect for winter to give tired skin a pick-me-up. I love using cream blush because it looks most natural, melts into the skin and gives a fresh, flushed look. Love applying cream blush before foundation. When I apply foundation over it, it really gives this flushed natural look.” His go-to is the Nº1 De Chanel Lip and Cheek Balm ($45), which can be applied with fingers or a brush.

Contrasting Eyes

Rose Inc.

“Another trend in eyes is to add subtle color to an eye look to make the iris pop,” Hoffman says. “Winter typically means deeper wardrobe colors and this trend is perfect to balance a richer fabric. An easy way to think about it is to choose contrasting shades to bring out the tones of the eyes. For example, cool toned eyes (blue, green, hazel) stand out in warm coppers or aubergines while brown eyes really come to life with green or violet shades.” Hoffman loves the Rose Inc Stain & Shimmer Duet Powder & Cream Eyeshadow in Satin Plum/Lavender Shimmer ($30) for brown eyes.

Naked Brows and Bold Eyes

Amelia Gray

“I love bleached brows for every and any occasion,” French says. “Brows shape your face, so removing them completely is always jarring. By taking away the brow it allows so much more room for eyeshadows and all kinds of shapes—the possibilities are truly endless. It creates a complete blank canvas and I feel that it elevates any look. I will bleach anyone’s brows who lets me. I believe everyone looks incredible.” French recommends sticking with the experts and only having your brows bleached by a professional. Then you can go in and create the major eye look of your dreams. “Grab your favorite bold eye color and have fun!” French says. “You can go as big and loud, or toned down and settled as you want.”

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