TikTok Swears By This Concealer Hack For Crease-Free Under Eyes


When it comes to concealer, you’ve got the basics down. You conceal, you contour, you bake, you brighten—but what’s next? According to a new TikTok hack, combining two steps of your routine could lead to even more flawless results.

The trick comes courtesy of makeup artist Vincent Ford, whose video about mixing concealer with loose powder for gorgeous, crease-free under-eyes was quickly picked up by the beauty set. “This is a secret that I haven’t shared before, but I love this hack,” says Ford, who often posts similar tips to his channel to make your beauty routine easier and more efficient. Ahead, everything you need to know.

The Hack

The technique itself is simple; one you’ve applied concealer to your under eye area, wait a beat before blending it out. “Mix a little bit of loose powder on your brush and then blend your concealer.” According to Ford, this self-explanatory application method will give you a “flawless” look. He recommends using loose, light-reflecting powder on a small blending brush, then applying atop your unblended concealer and gently blending the two formulas together. The result? Bright, beautifully concealed under eyes that last.

A few other makeup enthusiasts jumped on the technique after Ford’s video; even Patrick Starr weighed in, commenting that the hack was “Awesome!” Some were surprised at how easy the technique was and how beautiful the result was; could something so simple really make such a big difference?

A Pro Weighs In

Will the powder concealer hack replace your current favorite concealer method? Makeup artist Kasey Spickard says maybe. “We saw a similar hack back in early 2021 by mixing your powder into your foundation to help increase coverage of the product,” he shares. “Essentially, youre thickening the consistency of the product, which prevents it from sheering down as easily, and increasing coverage while simultaneously giving you the setting benefits of your powder.”

The technique looks easy in Ford’s video, but Spickard advises giving yourself plenty of time to play with different formulas—or leaving it to the pros entirely. “You really need to experiment with the ratio of powder to concealer to get this right without it being too cakey,” he explains. “There are much simpler techniques that achieve the same result.”

That being said, the hack does give you some seriously flawless under-eyes, so if you want to give Ford’s hack a try, Spickard recommends using a mattifying setting powder like Laura Mercier’s beloved Translucent Loose Setting Powder —nothing too glowy or shimmery. Apply your concealer as you usually do, but Spickard advises skipping matte, full-coverage formulas in favor of something slightly creamier and lighter.

Once you’re prepped, grab the powder and a brush and get going. “Tap lightly into the product on a fluffy blender brush and buff into the concealer, blending outward and upward,” he says. If you’re prepping your face for a big event, start trying the technique a few days prior so you can see how it wears, or tuck it into your beauty bag of tricks for future use. It could be a total game—and face—changer.

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