This Inclusive Mineral Sunscreen Is So Good It Has a 10k Person Waitlist

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As beauty experts, it’s in our nature to dive deep into new products that are in high demand. This especially holds true when we learn that a new drop has a waitlist that extends beyond 10,000 people. Seriously, why wouldn’t we give you the low-down on the hottest must-have to hit the market?

With that in mind, we couldnt resist learning more about the latest launch from Live Tinted that has dominated our timelines since its initial debut back in July: Hueguard ($32). Since then, the multi-purpose moisturizer has gotten rave reviews from influencers who insist that the newness is a game-changer.

Below, we spoke to Live Tinted CEO Deepica Mutyala about the inspiration behind the product, the formulation, and how to use it. Plus, learn our honest thoughts about the skin tint.

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The Inspiration

It can be difficult for people of color to find a mineral sunscreen that doesn’t leave them appearing ashy and ghostly. Disappointed by the lack of inclusivity in the "sun care industry", Live Tinted CEO Deepica Mutyala embarked on a mission to create Hueguard and create products she couldnt find in the market.

"People of color have not been a priority for the sun care industry. That’s a fact," she explains. The product in question—which acts as a daily sunscreen, moisturizer, and a functional makeup primer—is helping to change that. "We wanted to reimagine the POC community’s relationship with the sun."

Debunking the myth that melanated skin has "built-in" sun protection is part of the brand mission, Mutyala explains. "At most, UV protection without sunscreen is only SPF 13—no matter your skin’s hue."

Simply put, Live Tinted is destroying harmful stereotypes about skin protection. "Hueguard is for everyone that felt their skin tone was ignored in the beauty aisles," the entrepreneur shares while summing up the inspiration behind the skin tint that promises to never leave a white cast.

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The Formula

The brown skin-friendly mineral sunscreen is formulated with non-nano zinc oxide to protect the skin from UVA/UVB and harmful blue light. "Zinc is made of white particles and tends to leave a white cast. Our formula contains high levels of non-nano zinc oxide and dries down clear. That is really what makes it unique," Mutyala tells us. Plus, the beauty essential is perfect for year-round use.

Staying true to Live Tinted’s values, Hueguard is clean, vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and even reef-safe. The tube is also made of 100% PCR materials.

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How To Use It

The skin tint has three functions, so it can be worn alone as an SPF or used as a makeup primer and moisturizer. Mutyala recommends applying 4 pumps to the face, neck, and ears. She also suggests reapplying every two hours. The best part? No matter how much you apply, Hueguard will remain sheer.

With all that in mind, we put the latest in sunscreen innovation to the test. See my honest review below.

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The Review

I’ve only recently begun my SPF journey, which requires consistently trying brands to find my perfect match. When I heard about Live Tinteds latest launch, I was optimistic about the ability to moisturize, prime, and protect my skin from the sun with just a few swipes.

Hueguard not only blended effortlessly but also made a perfect base for my foundation. Think butter gliding on brioche. Perfection!

Overall, I was quite satisfied with the dewy finish that amplified my natural glow, all without leaving my skin feeling greasy or sticky. Needless to say, I’ll be keeping Hueguard in my "Fast Face" bag.

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