Rachel Green Has the Fall Outfit Formula Figured Out

Rachel Green Has the Fall Outfit Formula Figured Out

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Rachel Green may not have had a lot of things figured out when she crashed into her high school friend Monica’s apartment on the pilot episode of Friends, but one thing she definitely knew a thing or two about was how to put an outfit together.

In the early seasons of the beloved ‘90s sitcom, Rachel flounders through adulthood without the help of her former fiancé and her dad’s credit card—but she does it in style, despite the crappy jobs and crummy boyfriends. Fashion was central to Rachel’s entire personality; not only was she always impeccably dressed, from her loungewear to her date outfits, but it became her career path too. You may not be writing 18-page letters (front and back) to Ross, enchanting Gunther with your every move or debating a move to Paris with your toddler daughter, but you can certainly dress like you are thanks to the Rachel Green outfit formula.

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The Formula

One of Rachel’s signature outfit formulas has never felt so relevant as it does today. She frequently wears the foolproof combination of a fitted tee, miniskirt and tall boots throughout the series, whether she’s pouring coffee at Central Perk or climbing the corporate ladder at Ralph Lauren. The combo felt very of its time, AKA late ‘90s and early ‘00s, but with the revival of all things Y2K, it has clawed its way back into the trend cycle just like the show itself—plus, its perfect for fall weather.

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Friends will likely live forever in syndication on cable and late night TV, as well as on streaming, so generation after generation will rediscover her signature shopaholic fashion girl style again and again. As such, Rachel’s fall outfit formula keeps going viral because it looks perfectly modern, despite the fact that its key pieces feel very of their era when worn with other trendy items from that time. (For example: Baby tee and bootcut jeans = instant Y2K.)

How to Get the Look

The power of this outfit is that it’s incredibly versatile and incredibly easy to recreate with items you probably already have in your closet, and it makes getting dressed in the morning so effortless. None of these elements need to be fancy, but sticking to fabrics like cotton, silk, wool, velvet and corduroy will give you the most accurate Rachel feeling. Like the woman behind the character, Jennifer Aniston, Rachel favored simple separates that could be styled in countless ways. You just need the right pieces to make it happen!

The Fitted Tee: Baby tees and long sleeved tops, turtlenecks and slim sweaters are all fair game here, as are cute little cardigans. Rachel does occasionally wear her mini-and-boots outfit with a white button-down shirt and a camel blazer or sweater or a teeny spaghetti strap cami over a turtleneck, so feel free to get creative with your layering. Just remember, Rachel’s vibe is sleek and fitted over loose and baggy, always.

The Miniskirt: Straight-fitting and pleated miniskirts were a mainstay in Rachel’s closet, and they’ll definitely find a spot in yours. Rachel typically sticks to a neutral color palette with a dark black or brown bottom paired with a white, gray or single colored top in shades of wine, evergreen or pastel pink and blue.

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The Boots: Knee high black and espresso brown boots in rich leather or sumptuous, expensive-looking suede that hug the calf were an absolute essential for our favorite sitcom heroine. A chunky heel versus a slim stiletto is more grounded in the 2000s era.

Tights: Pull out your favorite sheer black tights and wear them with every Rachel-inspired ‘fit. Besides, they’ll keep your legs warm when you’re running from the Ralph Lauren offices to the velvet couch at Central Perk.

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