"The Veil” Is the Sleek, Celebrity-Approved Haircut That Will Be Everywhere


By now, we have all realized the "Bob Renaissance" is in full swing—turning celebs like Kelsea Ballerini, Megan Fox, Zendaya, and Kim Kardashian into short hair converts. Weve seen the cut pop up on runways, red carpets, photoshoots, press events, and just about anywhere It Girls go. However, along with the dramatic chop, there is one hairstyle that has quietly been dominating on the long hair front.

The trend is a silent star—its not as obvious as a short bob or edgy mullet. Meet "the veil"—ahead, we break down the celebrity-loved haircut.


The Trend

Celebrity hairstylist and hair trend forecaster Tom Smith recently shared his thoughts on the hottest hair trends for this fall and winter. Alongside two types of bobs—the stretched lob and an ultra-short French bob—Smith also pointed out the veil, a surprisingly simple yet undeniably chic look that has been spotted on everyone from Olivia Rodrigo to Halle Bailey.

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Described as "romantic, ethereal and statuesque" by Smith, he claims—and we second—that he hasnt "seen one specific look so much flooded across fashion weeks, red carpets, and recent events" as this style.

The look is so minimal that you probably wouldnt notice it at first glance. Always in some kind of a middle part, the veil is typically a pin-straight moment from the roots to the ends. The most important part? The hair is always swept behind the shoulders, mimicking an actual veil, showing off the face and perhaps some dramatic jewlery.

Its appeal is similar to that of perfectly minimalist home decor, a precisely tailored outfit, or the joy you feel looking at your freshly cleaned apartment, as the style is just as minimalist and sleek.

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How to Get the Look

If youve ever straightened your hair, youre closer than you think to knowing how to create the veil.

Smith says "the style is incredibly easy for anyone with hair longer than their shoulders to achieve."

To create the look, Smith says to part your hair down the middle, and then prep your hair. For the health of your hair, its best to apply a heat protectant to wet hair before blow drying and then straightening. Then, "use a straightener to get it poker straight" from root to end. Finally, tuck the front parts of your hair behind your ear and smooth the rest behind your shoulders for the flowing effect.

Smith also says you have options if you arent into the straight as a needle style. "If youd like a softer alternative, a more irregular mid-ish parting and a little more texture in the lengths is a good option."

Smith adds that the style is "perfect for a clean, minimal aesthetic but can also be utilized to balance a stronger outfit by keeping the hairstyle clean and simple." Plus, it "is a great choice for those who like to wear statement earrings thanks to the hairstyles framing effect."

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