42 Makeup Looks That Will Make Brown Eyes Pop


Did you know that brown eyes make up more than half of the worlds population (between 55 to 79 percent, to be exact). But just because its the most common eye color in the world doesnt make it boring by any means. Quite the opposite, actually. If you know your color wheel, youll remember that shades of brown are created from a mix of all primary colors, meaning you have an endless beauty palette to work with.

With so many makeup options, where do you even start? From neutrals to pops of bold color, getting creative with your makeup can really help brown eyes to shine in so many different ways. When it comes to choosing eyeshadows, lipsticks, and complexion products, we recommend experimenting with looks to match your style and the event at hand.

We reached out to two makeup artists for their tips on how to make brown eyes stand out, and what products you can use to achieve the looks.

Meet the Expert

Claudia Betancur is a L’Oreal Paris League of Experts makeup artist. Jeannia Robinette is a makeup artist and beauty expert.

Keep reading to find inspiration from 42 of our favorite makeup ideas for brown eyes.

Neutrals All the Way


"I like nude everything! Its nice to put a pop of color, but a neutral eye and gorgeous contoured matte color for the face is just stunning," says Jeannia Robinette.

To recreate this neutral, monochromatic look, try using shades close to your skin tone and using the same product across your lids, cheeks, and lips.

Purple Monochrome

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"To make brown eyes stand out, its ideal to use colors opposite to brown, such as deep blue and purple," says Betancur. Purple shades complement brown eyes really well, as they highlight the richness of your irises. Create the monochrome look by applying a plum to purple shade all around your eyes.

Neon Lights


An easy way to introduce neon colors into your makeup look is to try adding it as a colored liquid liner. Consider using this look for a festival or party, or a day when you feel like being that extra glam.

Bold Blue

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Bold, electric shades and brown eyes are a real winning combination. "All colors look good on brown eyes, but I love wine, green, and blue as they create a lovely contrast, making the eyes appear more vibrant," says Betancur. Keep the rest of the makeup look simple and apply the shadow across your full eyelid as well as the lower lash line. Blend, blend, and blend a bit more for a seamless finish. Try Nars Single Eyeshadow in Showgirl ($19).

Extra Nude Lips


Sometimes, "nude" lipsticks can be too light for your skin tone. Make the look work for you by using a darker lip liner and using the lighter lipstick in the center of the lips only. Top off with a lip gloss and you’re good to go.

Warm Tones

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Add the summer warmth to your skin by applying a lightly shaded bronzer across the highest points of your face. Use a similar shade on your eyes to add a radiant shadow, then complete the look with mascara and a warm nude lipstick.

"For light skin, cappuccino browns offer a natural look suitable for both day and night," notes Betancur of Selena Gomezs warm look.

Fresh Freckles


Freckles have a way of adding fresh-faced allure to any look. If you already have freckles, embrace them by taking a lightweight approach to your makeup that celebrates your unique features rather than concealing them.

No natural freckles? Simply use an eyebrow pencil to draw them on over your foundation—freckled beauties who prefer a full-coverage base can also take this approach to redraw their natural look.



Embrace a dramatic glow with red lipstick, warm eyeshadow, and the perfect highlighter.

Mellow Yellow

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Bright yellow eyeshadow is a stunning makeup look that really pops with brown eyes. Keep the rest of your look relatively minimal to make your sunny color choice stand out.

Floating Eyeliner


Make classic eyeliner more interesting by embracing a more modern silhouette. Try black around the outer crease like Zendaya, then add rosy tones to the rest of your face for a fresh, romantic look.

Smoke it Out


Sultry and dark, a smoky eye is great for added drama on a night out. Smudge out the bottom lash line and extend the shadow beyond the eyelid to the outer edge, creating a soft wing. You can go as subtle or bold as you like, and the smoky chocolate tones here really help to show off your brown eyes. Defined brows and nude lips complete the look.

Minty Fresh

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Light, pale shadows create an amazing contrast with brown eyes. Combined with fluttery lashes, a mint shade feels both nostalgic and modern.

Just Peachy

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Peach complements every skin tone and eye color, including brown eyes. Embrace a monochrome look by choosing similar shades for eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick.

Pops of Sparkle


A darker eye color allows for lots of play when it comes to your eyeshadow. Recreate this look by applying a shimmering shadow all over your top eyelids (try Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow ($10) in Smell of Roses for a pretty pink), a touch of neon liner in the same hue, and your favorite mascara. Keep the rest of your look simple and glowing, and youre sure to turn heads all night.

Barbie Babe

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"For olive skin, playing with pink or peach tones helps balance the green undertones and adds vibrancy," says Betancur. And Nicki Minaj has mastered this color combo perfectly. Her brown-eyed Barbie makeup look, balances simplicity and glamour using pink shadow and blush, dramatic false lashes, and nude, glossy lips.

Tightline Backline

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Bring the drama by applying black liner all around your eye. Feel free to extend into a wing or add lipstick as you wish, or keep it simple for a Parisian feel.

Colored Mascara

Colored mascara certainly draws attention to your beautiful brown eyes. Combine this deep blue with a little bit of gold shimmer and no one will be able to look away. For an added punch, pair with eyeliner in the same hue.

Citrus Infusion

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A punchy shade of lipstick can brighten any makeup look for brown eyes, especially in a warm orange tone. Try Hourglasss Confession Ultra Slim High-Intensity Refillable Lipstick in I Desire ($39).

A Classic Staple


Classic black liner, mascara, and red lipstick never get old, and we love how they bring out the rich drama in brown eyes.

Soft and Subtle


Nothing says post-vacation glow like this look. Try using a dewy primer under your foundation, then add a few drops of liquid highlighter on top. This is a surefire way to get that holiday radiance, even if you spent the weekend on your couch.

Fluffy Brows

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Natural brows are something to embrace, and using a clear brow gel (or wax) is a great way to enhance them. Fluff your eyebrows out with a spoolie brush, then apply a bit of added color with a tinted gel formula if you like the fuller look.

Monochrome Madness

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When monochromatic makeup looks made their debut on the runway, we fell in love immediately. A few years later, were still seeing monochrome in every color.

Graphic Eyeliner


A little liner is all you need—skip eyeshadow to keep this look clean, sharp, and minimal.

The Power of Bronzer


An allover sun-kissed look pairs well with brown eyes because of the way it warms the skin. Brush the same shade across your entire face, then finish with subtle eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick for a cohesive, glowing finish.

90s Inspo


The 90s was a great era for makeup, giving us brown lipstick, shaped brows, and great eyeliner technique. All three were practically made for brown eyes.

Barely There Makeup


Let your brown eyes steal the show with this subtle makeup look. Creating it on yourself is all about sticking to the basics to enhance your natural features, giving you that "no-makeup makeup" glow.

Popsicle Pout


Nothing says summer like a lightly stained lip that you can practically mistake for a bit of leftover popsicle. Flushed cheeks and precise liner add to the effortlessly chic look that you can repeat all year long.

Bold Lower Liner


If color makes you nervous, try using it on your lower lash line for a subtle pop. This gives you the illusion of a colored shadow without committing to a full eye look—and the unique color placement really stands out against brown eyes.

Moody Mauves


For an understated color with major impact, try a soft purple or mauve. Pair with light pink blush and glossed lips for an easy look that will certainly turn heads.

Glistening Gold

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Play up the gold or hazel hues in your brown eyes with golden highlight and shimmering eyeshadow.

Sunset Bronze


Achieving a natural, nude look is simpler than we think. Warm eyeshadow tones and an allover glow are a foolproof way to make your brown eyes pop at golden hour.

Betancur recommends LOréal Paris Infallible Bronzer ($13) to achieve the look. "This will help you get a natural caramel shade on your eyes. Since its a powder, its easier to blend. You can also apply it to your cheeks, chin, and hairline for a sunkissed look," she says.

Mermaid Dreams


Mix blue-green with a shimmery pink for a mermaid gradient that really shines against brown eyes. Finish things off with classic eyeliner and wispy lashes for a modern finish you can wear anywhere.

Celestial Silver

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Sometimes, a futuristic contrast is just what you need to keep things interesting. Find a silver shadow as bright as your eyes are rich, create a unique bottom wing with a matching liner, and finish with lashes to the heavens for a truly magical look.



Rosy tones appear warmer against big brown eyes, and were definitely not complaining. Choose a shade of blush that works well with your skin tone, and apply generously for an allover flushed glow.

Shades of Bronze


Bronze shades can bring out the warmth in your skin and work well for a variety of seasons. If you happen to have red hair like FKA Twigs did here, all over cherry and bronze makeup can add life to a look and draw attention to brown eyes.

Pastel Perfection

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Creating a watercolor eyeshadow moment adds a dose of joy to any look, and you can choose between traditional placement and more abstract strokes of color, as seen here. Try Natasha Denonas Mini Pastel Eyeshadow Palette ($27) to get the look.

Not into pastels? Betancur says that for deep skin, "dark blue works well as it complements the beautiful skin tone."

Ultra Glossy


If theres one thing that lip gloss will always do, its add volume to your lips. Clear gloss will allow for your natural lip color to show through, enhancing your complexion and eyes even more.

Matte Glam


If subtle glam is your thing, Hailey Bieber has got you covered. Use shades similar to your skin tone that add just enough contrast to notice.

White Hot Liner

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Say hello to white eyeliner again, a trend of the early ‘60s that made its way back once more. This trick makes eyes appear bigger and brighter while still pulling the entire look together. Gently apply the eye pencil along your lower waterline from the outer corner in, or for a more abstract look, try it outside your lash line like Willow Smith.

Burgundy Beauty


"You can do anything with brown eyes, but I love to do really rich gorgeous colors like navy or burgundy," says Robinette. "I play around a lot with deeper colors. I love Victoria Beckhams satin eyeliner line, they really make your eyes pop."

This deep berry wine lip and matching eye shadow combo is chefs kiss. Try Victoria Beckham Satin Kajal Liner ($30) in Matte Fig and Smoky Quartz to achieve the look.

Just a Touch

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis / Getty Images

Anne Hathaways beautiful brown eyes are the star of this super subtle look. Her lips and cheeks are gently flushed with a natural pinky peach color, as are her eyes. A heavy eyeliner is the only dramatic aspect of a very simple look.


@isabelle.de.vries / Instagram

"I like the makeup palettes that are matte, caramels, taupes, espressos, with those warmer browns that make it pop," says Robinette of a caramel look. She recommends Makeup by Mario Master Mattes Eyeshadow Palette ($50) to achieve the above. Gemstones along the wing line and inner corner of the eye as well as a highlight on the apples of the cheeks completes the shine to this look,

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