I'm a Picky Beauty Editor, but These 7 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Deals Are Seriously Worth Buying

With tons of highly-anticipated sales happening over the last few weeks, it’s natural to feel a bit of promotion burnout. Who knew we could actually get a bit sick of scrolling through endless air-fryers and dermaplaning devices on sale? These are truly champagne problems—I know. But to spare you the effort of sifting through the beauty deals at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I’m sharing the ones that I truly believe are worth buying. All of these products are absolute staples in my rotation, and you can get each of them right now for a seriously good value.

From the setting spray that my makeup is never complete without, to the dry shampoo that saves the day when my hair is looking all too greasy for the public eye, these are the beauty products that deserve a spot in your collection.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Makeup Setting Spray Duo


Shop: Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Makeup Setting Spray Duo, $52 ($76 value)

As someone with an oily complexion, using a makeup-locking setting spray is a must if I want to give my makeup a fighting chance of lasting all day. After trying tons of options, I can say confidently that this is the best one for enhancing makeup longevity. It works to reduce the appearance of a powdery finish without looking too dewy (think just a true, skin-like finish), and I love that it helps prevent my makeup from transferring—it was a savior for me during the mask mandate. If you’re in the market for a new setting spray, take advantage of this incredible deal while you can.

Elemis Jumbo Size Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm


Shop: Elemis Jumbo Size Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm, $89 ($115 value)

Let’s be real, removing your makeup can often feel like a chore. I too, dread it after a long day at the office or a night out. But after trying this cleansing balm a few years ago, the process got significantly less dreadful. The creamy, balm formula is soft and luxe-feeling, and it does a fantastic job at breaking down my makeup (even mascara) without leaving drying my skin out or leaving behind a hard-to-remove residue. It’s certainly high-end buy when it comes to makeup remover, but trust me, it’s well worth it.

Vacation Leisure-Enhancing Sunscreen Summer Sunscreen Duo


Shop: Vacation Leisure-Enhancing Sunscreen Summer Sunscreen Duo, $28 ($41 value)

Another thing I used to dread doing? Applying sunscreen. But with these products from the ever-so-chic SPF brand, Vacation Inc, the act of protecting my skin from harmful UV rays is much more enjoyable. The lotion absorbs quickly and feels totally comfortable on the skin, and the oil is perfect for enhancing the glow in areas like your chest, shoulders, and legs.

Living Proof Clean Hair Anytime, Anywhere Set


Shop: Living Proof Clean Hair Anytime, Anywhere Set, $30 ($46 value)

As someone with extremely oily hair, having a great dry shampoo on hand is an absolute must. I’ve tried what feels like countless options, and most of them either don’t work to absorb excess oil, or create the most gritty, heavy feeling on my scalp. So when I finally tried this formula a few months ago, I was thrilled when it helped to soak up grease while leaving my hair and scalp looking and feeling good. This set is an excellent value, so now’s the perfect time to stock up—especially considering that we’re in the throws of summer.

Nécessaire The Body Wash Duo Set


Shop: Nécessaire The Body Wash Duo Set, $35 ($50 value)

The simple, clean aesthetic is what initially attracted me to Nécessaire, but the great formulas are what have kept me a repeat customer. The body wash is one of my favorite products in the line because it’s smooth and gentle, it comes in beautiful scents as well as a fragrance-free version, and the twist-top packaging is so convenient to use in the shower. This set in the eucalyptus fragrance is perfect for turning your shower into a spa-like experience.

Sigma Beauty All About Face Makeup Brush Trio Set


Shop: Sigma Beauty All About Face Makeup Brush Trio Set, $50 ($76 value)

I’ve been using Sigma Beauty makeup brushes since their virality on YouTube nearly 10 years ago, and I still think they’re some of the best options on the market. This set of synthetic hair face brushes is perfect for applying foundation or cream blush and bronzer. I’ve had these specific brushes for at least five years, and they’re still in excellent condition.

Bobbi Brown Dual-Ended Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Set


Shop: Bobbi Brown Dual-Ended Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Set, $36 (originally $76)

It seems like every brand is coming out with eyeshadow sticks lately, which I’m not opposed to considering how foolproof they are to use. Among my favorites are these dual-ended sticks from Bobbi Brown—the formulas are smooth and easy to blend, the colors are pretty and romantic, and they last all day with very minimal creasing. If you’re looking for a secret weapon to nail your next eyeshadow look, add this set to cart.

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