Shoppers Swear by This On-Sale Strengthening Treatment for Restoring "Gel Manicure-Damaged" Nails

From fancy French tips to dreamy strawberry milk hues, nail inspiration is endless—you’ll never run out of ideas for your next set. But the truth is, consistent manicures (especially those that use gel and acrylic) can cause some serious damage to your natural nails. Peeling, splitting, breakage, yellowing, and ridges—they’re all signs that your nails are crying out for help. And while taking breaks from your routine manicures can help restore them to their natural, healthy state, we get it—bare nails aren’t for everyone. So, what’s the solution? Finding nail-strengthening products that really work.

According to shoppers, the Dermelect Natural Nail Repair Kit works wonders for damaged nails—and it’s currently on sale for $29. It’s a three-step system that was created specifically for nails that are damaged from using gel polish and acrylic, though it’s also a great option if you’re naturally prone to splitting and breakage.


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Step one is where much of the magic is stored—it’s a repairing base coat in a light, milky nude shade that’s packed with strengthening ingredients, like protein, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, tremella mushroom, and alpha hydroxy acid. Together, these ingredients work to moisturize, smooth, resurface, and strengthen your natural nails. After letting the base coat dry, you’ll apply the top coat, which also contains many of the same restoring ingredients while serving as a glassy layer to further smooth and thicken the nails. Finally, the kit comes with a fortifying cuticle treatment formulated with protein peptides, hyaluronic acid, a blend of vitamins, and more to deeply hydrate and treat hard-to-grow nails. It’s meant to be applied daily on dry nails and the surrounding skin, plus can be used on top of polish.

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One reviewer who had a less-than-ideal salon experience that resulted in severely damaged nails said this kit restored them back to health. “This kit was a lifesaver,” she wrote. “My nails are beautiful again and look better than before!” Another customer agreed, saying it helped to repair her nails in just two weeks. “I used the repair kit and reapplied the products three times in the next two weeks [after a gel mani],” she wrote. “The polish looks great and [allows] my nails to grow and strengthen. I currently have no product on my nails and they are stronger than they were before damage from the gel manicure!”

If you’re looking to take a break or transition from gel or acrylics, this kit will help you do it. And if you’ve been searching for an effective cuticle cream, reviewers say this one is fantastic. “The cuticle cream is my favorite, no more hang-nails and I can see the [nail] growth,” one reviewer wrote.

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If you’ve been searching for a solution to weak nails, we recommend checking out this fan-favorite strengthening kit now while you can snag it for a discounted price.

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