20 Thanksgiving Nail Design Ideas Festive For Fall and Beyond

Thanksgiving Nail Design Ideas.

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We are thankful for more than friends, family, and good food this Thanksgiving. Like with Halloween, Christmas, and New Years Eve, our favorite way to get in the festive spirit is by channeling it onto our nails. This year, our Turkey Day-inspired nail vision board is full of chic fall takes on French tips, fall foliage, and more.

Whether you prefer short and classic designs or long and intricate nail art, theres something on the menu for everyone. Theres plenty of inspiration to be found in the warm, earthy hues associated with autumn—deep reds, browns, creams, greens, purples, and nudes. Pair those colors with techniques like ombré, color-blocking, negative space, and hand-drawn illustrations to bring that extra special holiday touch, and youve got yourself the most celebratory of manis.

Ahead, find 20 Thanksgiving nail ideas that will be the talk of the table this holiday season.

Cozy Contrast

Nail Design Ideas: Cozy Contrast(@disseynails / Instagram)

@disseynails / Instagram

A warm chocolate hue paired with a glossy brow shade makes for a stunning two-tone French tip look fitting for your next fall fête.

Box of Chocolates

Nail Design Ideas: Box of Chocolates(@brushedbyb_ / Instagram)

@brushedbyb_ / Instagram

Whether you prefer milk, dark, or white, the "box of chocolates" nail trend is one treat youll eat up.

Bronze Leaves

Nail Design Ideas: Bronze Leaves(@brushedbyb_ / Instagram)

@brushedbyb_ / Instagram

Bring glitz and glam to the table this Thanksgiving with a metallic bronze and brass duo that combines French tips with fully painted accent nails.

Falling Leaves

Nail Design Ideas: Falling Leaves(@tiffanyabbigailebeauty / Instagram)

@tiffanyabbigailebeauty / Instagram

Theres nothing kitschy about this leaf manicure—just pure artistry brought to life with impeccable shading and color choices.

Cranberry Fade

Nail Design Ideas: Cranberry Fade(@themimid)


One way to grab everyones attention at the Thanksgiving table is to match whats on the menu with your manicure. This cranberry-hued fade is nothing short of sweet.

Pumpkin Bites

Nail Design Ideas: Pumpkin Bites(@betina_goldstein)


These tiny, champagne shimmer-lined, pumpkin-colored accents bring one thing to mind: Thanksgivings most popular pie topped off with a hefty heap of whipped cream.

Double French

Nail Design Ideas: Double French(@saruhnails / Instagram)

@saruhnails / Instagram

You can never go wrong with an updated version of the classic French mani. This double tip is in a delectable burgundy that will stay in style as fall transitions to winter.

Glittery Squash

Nail Design Ideas: Glittery Squash(@nailsby_jasminecorinna / Instagram)

@nailsby_jasminecorinna / Instagram

From PSLs to pumpkin pie, treats using falls signature squash are one of our favorite parts of the season. Youll look cozy and festive all at once with this solid-and-sparkly burnt orange manicure.

Burnt Orange Ombré

Nail Design Ideas: Burnt Orange Ombré(@the_gelbottle_inc / Instagram)

@the_gelbottle_inc / Instagram

This impeccable faded burnt orange into brown manicure resembles a fresh pile of fallen leaves—what could be more fall than that?

Autumn Mismatched Nails

Nail Design Ideas: Autumn Mismatched Nails(@melanated.mani / Instagram)

@melanated.mani / Instagram

The mismatched mani trend harnesses elements from tons of nail art designs and colors. For an autumnal-appropriate style, take inspo from this look, which includes polka dots, glitter, and half moons.

Plenty of Pumpkins

Nail Design Ideas: Plenty of Pumpkins(@swaknails)


Youll be the prettiest pumpkin in the patch with this gourdgeous manicure. To DIY this at home, simply paint orange dots on your nails. Finish by adding green stems and details with a thin nail brush.

Freestyle Foil

Nail Design Ideas: Freestyle Foil(@brownluxenails)


Paint-like brushstrokes in orange and black against a neutral base incorporate autumnal colors and do so in a freestyle, low-maintenance way thats super simple to recreate at home. Just add gold foil for a glam touch.

Neutral Nails

Nail Design Ideas: Neutral Nails(@soulinailsxo / Instagram)

@soulinailsxo / Instagram

Falls favorite muted neutrals in wave shapes take on a new life when paired with handpainted abstract plants, dots, and lines.

Airbrushed Plum

Nail Design Ideas: Airbrushed Plum(@gotg0ld / Instagram)

@gotg0ld / Instagram

Purple is always a popular shade for the fall. Take it up a notch for the holidays with a centered airbrushed plum design, topped off with silver crystals.

Criss-Cross French

Nail Design Ideas: Criss-Cross French(@heluviee / Instagram)

@heluviee / Instagram

This criss-cross French manicure reminds us of a cozy warm espresso, topped with frothy white cream. Its simple and perfect for your holiday get-together.

Fall Plaid

Nail Design Ideas: Fall Plaid(@nailsbycanishiea / Instagram)

@nailsbycanishiea / Instagram

While plaid nails are inherently associated with Christmas, they totally work for Thanksgiving, too. Just switch the colors up to fit into fall.

Lots of Lines

Nail Design Ideas: Lots of Lines(@lolo.nailedit / Instagram)

@lolo.nailedit / Instagram

Light brown, cream, and cider orange make us this mod combination of structural French tips and half moons.

Earthy Waves

Nail Design Ideas: Earthy Waves(@nailsbycanishiea / Instagram)

@nailsbycanishiea / Instagram

Rich tones of brown, green, orange, black, and gray create a flowing river effect, making the nails appear longer (and super festive).

Autumn Argyle

Nail Design Ideas: Autumn Argyle(@phoebesummernails / Instagram)

@phoebesummernails / Instagram

Cozy knitwear is always a hit around the holidays, so why not wear pair of sweater nails? Were obsessed with this brown argyle set, which combines shades of crea, auburn, and khaki.

Fall Florals

Nail Design Ideas: Fall Florals(@swaknails / Instagram)

@swaknails / Instagram

Floral nail d esigns arent just for spring and summer manis—these hand-painted blooms in burgundy, orange, and black are here to prove it.

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