20 “Bixie” Haircut Ideas That Prove Short Hair Is the Ultimate Trend This Year


Looking for playful texture and decadent bounce? The bixie might just be the manifestation of all your fun, choppy hair dreams coming true. The combination of a bob and a pixie cut isnt exactly new. Pretty much anyone who was, well, anyone rocked one in the 90s. So if youve been considering some versatile shag, youre certainly in good company. Plus, the styling options are endless.

To learn more about the customizable crop, we spoke to two pro stylists about the resurgent hairstyle. Read on for all the details on this cut—and tips on how to ask for the bixie at a salon.

What Is a Bixie?

"The bixie is a combination of the pixie and the bob haircut," Jenna Spino, hairstylist at Maxine Salon, says. "Blending the two cuts gives the fullness of a short pixie while keeping the length and versatility of a bob."The bixie merges the two hairstyles in a way that is both chic and breezy.

Highly textured with major movement, this haircut "blends the blunt length of a bob, and the short interior layers of a pixie," according to Leigh Hardges, stylist at Maxine Salon. The combination makes this style a little more interesting than the bob or pixie on its own.

By taking some inspo from both classic cuts, you get a look thats kind of the best of both worlds. (Cliché, I know.) Hardges explains, "It’s a great blend that lets you have length with a lot of texture and movement."

If you like your hair looking freshly tousled, this chop is definitely worth a try. As Spino says, "The bixie is heavily layered and textured giving it an almost shaggy look." Whether you want to go completely edgy with choppy layers or soften things up with plenty of angles, this haircut can be a great option.

How to Get a Bixie

No matter your face shape, hair type, or hair texture, the bixie can be a fun look that isnt too high maintenance. "This cut is perfect for people wanting a chop without committing to the maintenance of a short style. It’s a fun, edgy, low-maintenance style that pretty much anyone can wear," Spino explains.

A successful bixie relies on careful angles, flattering layers, and customizable lengths, so consider this your reminder that you need to see a stylist you trust before committing to this look. Even then, come to your appointment prepared.

Hardges suggests, "Show pictures of bixie cuts that you like and also be prepared to explain what you like about the cut. [For example,] I like waves and curls with the bixie cuts. The texture in styling really shows off the expertise of the cut." The added context will make all the difference in getting a haircut you love.

Spino adds, "Good words to describe the cut are heavily-layered, textured, [and] shattered. Pictures always help especially because this cut is very customizable, and there are many different versions."

Also, keep length in mind. For the bixie, its not one-size-fits-all. "The length can vary from tighter in the back and wispy around the face to as long as the chin," Spino says. Come to the salon with an idea of the length you want, and be sure to go over it with your stylist in detail.

Bixie Inspiration

Tousled Bixie

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis / Getty Images

With her ongoing propensity toward pixies and growing them out, Charlize Theron might just be the reigning queen of the bixie. This tousled iteration is especially cool with its lived-in feel.

Mermaid Bixie

@kerrywashington / Instagram

Kerry Washingtons bixie-length mermaid waves are giving us serious summer inspiration. We love how the playful crinkle livens up even the most formal attire.

Bouncy Bixie

Bouncy blowouts arent just for extra-long lengths. This feathery bixie proves the shattered cut can still be soft and sweet.

Finger-Waved Bixie

Arturo Holmes  / Getty Images

Finger waves are the height of Art Deco fashion and Halle Barre definitely committed to the look. We love that she let a few rogue tendrils fall freely about her face in a very uncharacteristic choice for the era.

Bright Bixie

Shorter cuts are the perfect canvas for bold, saturated color. This bright bixie remains grounded with darker, overgrown roots that naturally harmonize the hue with the eyebrows.

Straight Bixie

@haileybieber / Instagram

Hailey Biebers pin-straight bixie is the seasons hottest accessory. To tame flyaways and frizz, reach for a lightweight smoothing serum before blowdrying the hair.

Sleek Bixie

Demi Lovatos slick Pre-Grammy coif is an ode to the timeless elegance of a bixie cut. The stylized look manages to achieve a subtle softness despite the severe framing around the face.

Platinum Bixie

@solangeknowles / Instagram

We love a verve of platinum around the face. Solanges almost-white bixie effortlessly spotlights her fabulous features.

Romantic Bixie

@florencepugh / Instagram

While a bixies choppy, shattered, and ultra-textured identity might seem more rocker chic than romantic, the style is actually quite versatile. Florence Pughs glamorous, side-parted coif is fit for the silver screen.

Bixie With Bangs

Momodu Mansaray / Stringer / Getty Images

Only Zoe Kravitz can make us want baby bangs (sorry, Daphne Bridgerton). The choppy fringe adds a bit of edge to the look without overshadowing her face.

Behind-the-Ear Bixie

Something about the bixie cut calls for statement earrings. And while most tucked-behind-the-ear looks can verge on twee, the crops intentional texture keeps it fresh. So go on, show off that ear swag with reckless abandon.

Asymmetric Bixie

Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images

While all bixie cuts are inherently asymmetric in some way, Ciaras sophisticated coif concentrates all the length at chin. The shorter length at the back helps create all that luscious volume and elongates the neck.

Reverse Bixie

@florencepugh / Instagram

Florence Pugh flips the aforementioned asymmetric bixie on its head. Here, the length is concentrated in the back while the shortest, and most shattered, lengths are feathered towards the front.

Curly Bixie

@gabunion / Instagram

Rounded haircuts have surged in popularity and make a perfect pairing with the bixie length. Well just let Gabrielle Union-Wades curls do all the talking here.

Brushed-Back Bixie

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Though ever-so-slightly outgrown, Josephine Skrivers bixie is as elegant as it is effortless. The brushed-back do puts all the emphasis on her stunning features and bare shoulders.

Textured Bixie

If youve got curls, coils, waves, or texture of any kind, this choppy cut is definitely one to consider. The multitude of layers scraps any dead weight for volume that soars to unprecedented heights.

Crinkled Bixie

Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images

Liza Koshys glossy, crinkled bixie is all about Golden Age glam. We love how the swoop of each wave matches up perfectly with the point of her rhinestone-bedecked winged eyeshadow.

Fringed Bixie

Angled layers pair so beautifully with sweeping fringe that the blend is practically seamless. Whether youre going for curtain bangs, bottle bangs, or French fringe, this might be one of few cuts that wont demand you adhere to just one parting style.

Wet-Look Bixie

Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer / Getty Images

Jourdan Dunn proves that a wet-look do is not only one of the coolest hairstyles, but somehow also transcends any level of formality. While the drippy coif has been executed on just about every hair length, we have to admit were partial to a short, choppy iteration for maximum effect.

Accessorized Bixie

@ddlovato / Instagram

As if a bixie wasnt impeccably 90s to begin with, Demi Lovato illustrates how a well-chosen accessory can really exalt its status. Between the sunglasses, the zig-zag headband, and the general lime-green aesthetic, were practically transported back into an Olsen twin movie.

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