Shadow Bangs Are the Coolest Way to do Fringe This Fall


Has anyone in the history of the world been cooler than Jane Birkin? Thats a trick question, obviously. Shes the one and only.

Of all the time-tested style wisdom that Birkin bestowed upon us, there are a few morsels that always seem to be en vogue: her iconic, exclusive bag and also-iconic, more-attainable bangs. While the bag has never had (and likely will never need) an update, a new hairstyle has been coined for those who live in the late British actresss shadow—literally.

Birkins signature bangs—characterized by their sharp disconnect from the rest of your hair, no framing or feathering—are one of the mostperfect "undone" hairstyles of all time. Now, the sweet fringe is going sultry with one of this falls biggest hair trends: the "shadow bang."

Keep reading to discover the shadow bang. Plus, learn how to wear it yourself.


The Trend

While Tom Smith, Creative Director at Evo Hair, wasnt expecting a full fringe to be back in style this soon, the shadow bang trend proved him wrong.

"So much of what weve seen recently has been longer sweeping bangs," the trend forecaster shared in a recent Instagram video. "Katie Holmes has been seen recently wearing really long, kind of Birkin style bangs, but longer, hiding the eyes. [Thats] how it becomes a shadow bang."


According to Smith, your Birkin bangs transform into shadow bangs when they grow out a bit. Still, you might want to cut them that way to begin with. "Shadow bangs still have that straight angle and corner, but its long and eyelash skimming and that tends to be a little more sultry. A little more sexy," he shared.

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How to Get the Look

Smiths first tip when headed to your hair appointment? Decide exactly how long your shadow bangs should be to best suit your needs.


"Shadow bangs are characterized by their long, brow or lash-skimming length which is cut in a horizontal line and slightly curves down on the sides," the stylist told "Bangs can feel as though they grow out very quickly, so decide with your stylist how long you should leave them based on how often you’re able to re-trim them."


If it works for you to pop in for a bang cut every two to three weeks, slightly choppy, lash-length bangs will be absolutely fine. But if you’re planning to go a month or longer between trim appointments, go for a length just below the eyebrows. According to Smith, this will insure you get more wear time out of the look.

"Avoid exposing the brows or cutting the length any shorter as then the style turns more into a Birkin style bang which has more of a subtle sweetness rather than the sultryness of the shadow bangs," he adds. "The choppier the cutting line is, the more practical the longer bang length is as it moves around your brow bone. If it’s very blunt it can require a little more styling to keep it looking sharp."

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