"Le Petite Bob" Is the Chic, Ultra-Short Cut to Try This Season


As far as current hair trends are concerned, the time-honored fall cut isnt going anywhere. It is, however, getting a bit chicer. If Le Petite Bob is any indication, at least.

As seen on 90s Linda Evangelista and 2023 Lily Allen, Le Petite Bob is how the traditional French bob always pictured itself looking in its mid 20s. Its shorter and scantier, and—as seasonal luck would have it—pairs perfectly with a turtleneck. (Or nothing! Honestly, it can speak for itself.) As for its relation to the humble lob? This chop has basically nothing in common with the comparably lengthy cut. Save for the "ob," of course.

Ahead, discover everything you need to know about the cut and how to get it for yourself.

Amy Sussman/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images

The Trend

Tom Smith, Creative Director at Evo Hair, first coined Le Petite Bob in a winter hair trends roundup.

"This is inspired by the French bob which Im sensing has been trying to come back for a while. This winter, Le Petite Bob is the smallest French bob you could imagine," the trend forecaster shared. "Its lifted off the hairline [and] curved up toward the face, but still very Parisian and very chic,"

According to Smith, the "curving up" is of the utmost importance for this cut to be successful. As long as that aspect is taken care of, you can play around with the look to suit your own tastes and texture. Want to say bonjour to a bang? Make it wavy or straight? Make lily Lily Alen and try a blonde bob? Its completely up to you.


How to Get the Look

If youre looking for a certain je ne sais quoi, you might want to try a Le Petite Bob of your very own. (Its also a great option for anyone growing out a shorter haircut.) If youre ready to head to the salon, Smith let us know exactly what you should tell your stylist.


"The trick to achieving this nano length is to graduate slightly at the nape of the neck," he told buuk.top. "We have to lift the hair above the natural hairline to allow us to create the shorter length around the face. The shorter the hair, the straighter and more side parted it should become to retain the ‘bob’ feeling."

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