24 Chrome Nail Ideas We're Loving, From Futuristic Titanium to Strawberry Glaze


If you spent any time on NailTok in the past few months, youre bound to know what chrome nails are. Even if youre not on TikTok and still prefer the comfort of Instagram, the high-shine nail art idea has undoubtedly popped up in your feed.

Chrome nails feature a shimmery sheen, often overtop a base color. True chrome nails are achieved by dusting chrome powder on top of lacquer, which is then sealed with a top coat. That said, thanks to the popularity of chrome nails, many nail polish brands have released high-shine shades to mimic the look. (Another option: You can use eyeshadow for DIY chrome nails.)

Regardless of how you achieve the chrome finish on your nails, there are a few ways to customize the look. Where lighter, sheer base colors, like pale pink, cream, and nude make for subtle, iridescent chrome nails (think: Haley Biebers various glazed donut manis), darker, more opaque hues help achieve a bolder, more futuristic finish.

Whichever end look youre craving, there are many ways to embrace this nail trend. Ahead, check out some of our favorite takes on chrome nails.

Glazed Donut Nails


Here, we have classic glazed donut nails by Hailey Biebers manicurist, Zola Ganzorigt. To achieve the look, she used OPIs Funny Bunny Nail Polish ($14) and Tin Man Can Chrome Powder.

Rose Chrome Nails


These rosy chrome nails offer a warmer take on the trend. They were created using CNDs Liquid & Powder in Warm Pink ($23), SHELLAC No Wipe Top Coat ($16), and Over the Top Effects Nail Pigment ($11) in Off the Chain. For this layered look, a trip to the salon will be in order. But hey, for results like this: Its worth it.

Checkered Chrome Nails


Another very popular look in 2023? Checkered nails. Combine the two for a wholly unique take on both trends.

Chocolate Glazed Donut Nails


Allow us to introduce you to chocolate-glazed donut nails. Another Ganzorigt creation, this mani was crafted with OPIs Stay Strong Gel Base Coat ($19), DND Gel Polish ($10) in Coffee Bean and Spiced Brown, OPI Chrome Effects in Tin Man Can, and OPIs Stay Shiny Gel Top Coat ($20).

White Chrome Nails


For a more opaque white chrome look—like the one here—youll want to start with a solid white base coat. Lights Lacquer in Paper Snow ($11) should do the trick.

Magenta Chrome Nails


Heres another example of how using an opaque base color will make your chrome nails look more futuristically bold, as opposed to the minimalist vibe of glazed donut nails. Were obsessed with this magenta chrome mani.

Chrome-Like Shimmer


If you dont have access to chrome nail powder and none of your eyeshadows work to recreate the look, you can achieve a similar finish with an ultra-fine glitter nail polish, like the OPI shade used here. While the artist didnt share the exact polish, OPIs Infinite Shine2 Long-Wear Lacquer ($14) in Throw Me A Kiss should do the trick.

Lavender Chrome French Tips


Just because you opt for a sheer glazed donut take on chrome nails doesnt mean you cant do so in bolder colors. Case in point: This lilac-tinted chrome nail look.

Titanium Chrome Nails


Going extra chrome, Ganzorigt used the Dashing Diva Glaze Gel Nail Strips ($16) in Titanium Glaze to achieve this eye-catching manicure.

Chrome Blob Nails


Excuse us while we swoon over these globbed-up chrome nails by celebrity manicurist Brittney Boyce, who works with Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian, among other A-listers.

Chrome Foil Nails


Part chrome, part foil, part negative space: These pastel set serves it all.

Emoji Chrome Ombré Nails


Another way to wear chrome nails? Opt for an ombré fade topped off with metallic nail stickers in an ever-so-slightly darker shade, as Boyce did here.

Strawberry Glazed Donut Nails


First, there were glazed donut nails. Then there were chocolate-glazed donut nails. It was only a matter of time before Ganzorigt dreamt up strawberry-glazed donut nails—and were just as smitten with this look as we are with the others.

Gold Chrome Tips


Love a French mani? Opt for gold chrome tips like celebrity manicurist Chaun Legend did here for celebrity wardrobe stylist Maeve Reilly.

Gold Chrome Accents


We love how this set makes use of chrome—with subtle, minimalist, and abstract gilded tips.

Rainbow Chrome Ombré Nails


Multicolor ombre chrome? Were screaming. Of course, to achieve such an intricate star-studded rainbow nail look, youll almost certainly need to enlist the help of a pro. But for nails that look like this? Worth it.

Chrome Crystal Cloud Nails


For all the crystal girlies out there, these cloud-like aura chrome nails are giving off all the majestic vibes.

Opal Chrome


For a more subtle chrome-y finish, consider a sheer polish topped off with holographic chrome powder.

Cool Pale Pink Chrome Nails


For the most natural take on the chrome nail trend, use a chrome powder on a clear base. The mani above, however, was actually created without any powder: To get the look, book a mani and ask for GELCARE in Lavender Water and South Sea Pearl.

Rainbow Chrome Tips


You dont have to cover your entire nail to partake in the chrome nails trend. Here, celebrity manicurist Betina Goldstein opted for a rainbow of mini chrome French tips.

Yellow Chrome Nails


Add a little sunshine to your life with a bright yellow chrome mani like the one above.

Unicorn Chrome Nails


These beautiful glazed donut nails were created using the Nails-Luxe Iridescent Chrome Palette, which, unfortunately, is only available in the UK. Next time youre in London, youll want to scoop this palette (and the brands other offerings).

Holographic Chrome


When considering a bold nail trend like chrome nails, consider switching up your nail shape, too. Here, you can see how stunning a chrome mani looks on stiletto-shaped nails.

Baby Pink Chrome Stiletto Nails


While on the topic of stiletto nails, check out these baby pink chrome French tips by Legend. We love how pearlescent the base color is.

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